Management of PEN Program

The Government of Nepal (GoN)  made a strong commitment and launched PEN program in the country with the technical support of WHO Nepal. Hon Health Minister Mr. Gagan Kumar Thapa inaugurated the PEN program in Kailali District on Oct 5, 2016 and handed over NCD drugs and diagnostics to DPHO Kailali to implement PEN Program. Based on high magnitude and adverse effects on health, social and economical aspects,   Mr. Thapa  pointed out that PEN should be implemented across the country as soon as possible. The Ministry of Health(MoH) has been piloting in two districts ( Ilam and Kailali) and has taken an initiative to expand the PEN Program at least in 500 HFs (10 districts ) of Nepal in this fiscal year 2073/74 and universal coverage by 2020 with support of internal and external resources. PHCRD/DoHS has been assigned as a focal unit and takes overall responsibility for its planning, implementation and management. Due to limited capacity at central and district level-Human Resource (HR) are needed for the support and execution of NCDs. NHTC is given responsible for the capacity development and NHEICC is taking care of health promotion. At present, PHCRD has mobilized one section chief and one public health officer as  a focal person from its existing staffing pattern.  WHO has been providing technical assistance ( TA) support for effective PEN implementation. The purpose of the TA is to strengthen the health system, develop capacity of the government and partners at local and central level, provide technical and managerial backstopping in PEN execution and document the learning of pilot PEN Program for actions and scale-up. For this, WHO is supporting one Technical Expert based in PHCRD and two medical officers ( one in each piloting districts( Ilam and Kailali)

As it is noted that there has been a limited capacity at national and local level and over workload of 10 districts, it needs further to set up a secretariat office/ NCD Section in its premises for its planning, monitoring and management. PHCRD  is looking for addition four technical experts ( health system expert-1, clinical expert -1, planning and  monitoring  experts- 2) and support staff -1 for  smooth and effective implementation and management of NCDs. The program cost to be taken by GoN and TA management cost of secretariat office/ NCD Section may also be supported by external partners.

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